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What is laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal is a medical process that removes hair from your skin without giving you any pain. It is a widely accepted process to get rid of all your unwanted body hair.

During the process of hair removal, the light energy of the laser is converted to heat energy. The melanin present in your hair absorbs the laser beam. Eventually, this beam damages the root of your hair.

Thus, without harming the surrounding skin, a laser beam removes the hair from your skin. The approach puts the hair follicles in a state of inactivity for a prolonged period. Thus, it delays the future hair growth on your skin.

You will need multiple hair removal sessions in the initial stage. Along with that, you may require proper maintenance treatments as well.

Most importantly, the laser hair removal treatment works effectively for every skin types.

Why choose Dr Swetha’s Cosmoderm centre?

Dr Swetha’s Cosmoderm centre is best known for its excellent treatment and high-quality services that they give to their patients. It is situated in an area where anybody can easily reach them in Bangalore city. The centre is well equipped with all kinds of modern technologies and amenities according to the requirements of medical practice.

Our chief dermatologist Dr Swetha Panneerselvam is one of the most famous personality in the field of cosmetology. She has been awarded the prestigious ‘Galadari award’ for the best paper published at Dubai Derma in 2017.

We at Cosmoderm centre, are always working to provide our patients with the best quality treatment at an affordable cost. Our highly skilled doctors and technicians maintain the inviting atmosphere for our clients at Cosmoderm centre.

What are the Benefits of laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal is an entirely safe process in the least amount of time. Followings are the benefits of laser hair removal-

  • It offers you safe and accurate hair removal
  • Each session of laser hair removal lasts for a maximum time duration of 45 minutes
  • It provides long-lasting satisfaction with permanent hair removal
  • You can get rid of pesky ingrown hair by laser hair removal
  • The treatment has the least amount of side effects
  • In comparison to other traditional hair removal treatments, laser treatment is quite affordable and beneficial for the long run
  • The treatment is almost painless

The procedure of laser hair removal

The process is as follows-

  • Cleaning of your treatment area
  • Application of some topical numbing medicines
  • Preparation of laser equipment according to the colour, thickness and location of your hair
  • Application of pulse of laser light to the target area

Precautions to take before laser hair removal

  • Avoid sun tanning to your target area.
  • Avoid plucking, waxing or bleaching.
  • Wash the target area of your skin thoroughly to remove any dirt and oil
  • You should moisturise the area very well before the session.

Cost of laser hair removal

A laser hair removal treatment cost starts from Rs. 1500 per session.
But the cost varies according to the area involved in the treatment in each case.
To know clearly about the cost of your treatment, book an appointment with our doctor.

Factors that are responsible for the cost of laser hair removal

  • Larger target area requires longer sessions eventually high expenditure.
  • The coarse hairs need repetitive laser sessions and high cost.
  • The required number of sessions and cost are higher for the darker skin tones.
  • Whereas, the required number of sessions and cost are less for dark coloured hair.
  • The use of modern technology and equipment can increase the total cost.
  • The experience of your dermatologist is another cost determining factor.
  • Men have coarser hair than women. So, they require more sessionswhich ultimately increase their total cost.

Frequently asked questions

Who can get laser hair removal treatment?

Both women and men can get laser hair removal treatment if they are at the age of 14 years at least.

Is the treatment safe for skin?

Yes, laser hair removal treatment is the most effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal. It works by applying pulses of laser light to the desired area. The melanin present in the hair absorbs the light without hampering the surrounding skin.

Will it work on all skin tone?

Yes, modern technology has made it easy to work on all skin tone. The doctor can regulate the laser beam according to your skin tone.

How long will it take to notice the visible result?

You can notice significant results after each session of treatment. However, the desired result will not appear until you complete all the sessions.

What can areas of my body be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can safely be performed on any part of your body other than your eye socket.

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