FUE Hair Transplant in Indiranagar, Bangalore

Want to opt for hair transplant?

But have fear about the invasive hair transplant?

Then, choose the latest, mini-invasive, and scarless hair transplant technique, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant. 

To undergo FUE hair transplant, visit Dr Swetha’s Cosmoderm Centre, one of the best skin clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore and get the desired hair at a reasonable price.

Why choose Dr Swetha’s Cosmoderm Centre for FUE hair transplant?

  • At Dr Swetha’s Cosmoderm Centre, we offer the advancedhair transplant method such as FUE hair transplantwhich delivers outstanding results.
  • Our team have highly qualified and experienced surgeons and staff who have skilled over time.
  • We do a complete hair analysis to know the proper condition of your hair.
  • We do proper preparationfor the distribution of follicles and hair density.
  • Our skilled surgeons perform Anaesthesia, Slit-making and extraction.
  • In-house, trained staff members do implantation.
  • We offer a virtually painless procedure.
  • Counting of follicles at every step of the process.
  • Extremely hygienic and well-equipped operation theatres.
  • Proper follow-up and post-operative care.

Who is an ideal candidate for FUE hair transplant?

  • People with androgenetic alopecia who do not want long scars
  • Patients who require a greater number of grafts
  • Patients who need a limited number of grafts in cosmetic areas, e.g., eyebrow, eyelash, moustache
  • Scarring alopecia areas due to dermatological problems
  • People with female pattern hair loss
  • Patients who desire to remove FUT scar
  • People who want to return to regular activities after the procedure immediately
  • For patients with the concern of pain or scars
  • When body or beard hair works as a donor area

Steps of FUE Hair Transplant

  1. Preparation and local anaesthesia

The surgeon may administer local anaesthesia on the area prepared for the hair transplant. It is the most efficient method to have a nearly painless procedure with barely any risks associated with anaesthesia. During the surgery, the patient is conscious.

  1. Extraction or removal of hair follicles

FUE varies from other surgical hair transplant techniques in means of follicle extraction. The surgeon extracts a single graft from the donor area using a micro punch tool. Then, the extracted graft is monitored by a technician under high magnification. The grafts are grouped according to the total number of hairs per graft. The technician rejects the non-viable grafts and replaces them with suitable grafts. At each step, the technician calculates the total number of grafts to prevent any wastage.

  1. Preparation of recipient area

The surgeon outlines the recipient area based on the patient’s expectations and limitations of the donor area. The surgeon creates the tiny slits for the extracted grafts according to the length of the grafts. Further, the surgeon determines the angle at which the hair comes out of the scalp, the orientation and density of the hair to provide the best cosmetic results.

  1. Implantationof grafts

Implantation of grafts is similar to other hair transplant methods. A qualified and experienced surgeon implants the grafts in the pre-formed tiny slits using forceps or implanters.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant:

  • No risk of scar formation on your scalp.
  • It is a safe method with rarely any side effects.
  • You can see the desired results in about seven to ten months.
  • It provides perfectly natural-looking results.

If you want to enquire that FUE hair transplant is the best choice for you, then visit us at Dr Swetha’s Cosmoderrm Clinic. Our hair experts will do a comprehensive analysis of your hair health and plan a suitable hair transplant method.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we expect the growth of new hair?

You can see thin filamentous hair growth by five to seven months. But to witness significant growth, you have to wait for at least eight to ten months. At the same time, it differs from patient to patient.

Can you cut the new hair?

The grafted hair grows for the rest of your life. You can cut, trim and even dye the new hair.

Is there any age boundary for hair transplant?

Usually, we recommend the age limit of more than 20 years. But the patient should be healthy to undergo surgery.

For younger patients, proper counselling is essential concerning the progress of baldness. They must have sensible expectations.