Are Your Makeup Habits Harming Your Skin?

Mack-up Habits and skin problem

When getting ready for a party, which thing forms a part of everyone’s list?

Yes, it is makeup!

Everyone, especially women are incomplete without makeup!

We even have jokes related to women and their makeup!

Makeup is a tool used by every woman to enhance their looks and to get beautiful pictures clicked of themselves!

One can say that makeup is indeed the best companion of every woman on this earth, isn’t it?

But did you know that this best companion can turn into the worst companion for our skin?

Did you know that your makeup habits can harm your skin?

Yes, the thing that is known to enhance one’s beauty can actually ruin one’s beauty by damaging one’s skin!

The thing that is known to make one look beautiful can make one look ugly by harming and damaging one’s skin!

Makeup can make your pictures look beautiful, but they make your skin look ugly!

After reading this, most ladies might have got disappointed and heartbroken and might be thinking,” So, what stop wearing makeup? How can we survive without makeup? It is our lifeline!”

Are you also thinking the same and worrying about the same thing?

Relax ladies, do not get disappointed!

There are certain precautions that one can take so that makeup doesn’t damage one’s skin!

And even if you experience skin problems due to makeup, don’t worry! Visit the top skin specialist in Indiranagar to get treatment for all skin-related issues.

Before we discuss the precautions one can take while applying makeup to avoid skin damage, first let us discuss what all damage can makeup do to our skin.

How does makeup damage our skin?

Makeup contains chemicals that can have an adverse impact on our skin. Applying makeup regularly without taking necessary precautions can damage the skin in the following ways-

makeup damage our skin
  • Clogging of pores: Makeup can cause clogging of pores when applied for a longer time. It is crucial to remove makeup before sleeping and not sleep with makeup on as this can lead to skin irritation, dull complexion, and breakouts. The top skin specialist in Indiranagar advises using a good cleanser that suits your skin type to clean and remove the makeup.
  • Premature aging: Yes, makeups that are applied to look young and beautiful can make you look older than your age and ruin your appearance by causing wrinkles and fine lines. Makeup can also cause your skin to become excess oily or dry. So, it is important to follow proper skincare tips before and after applying makeup to avoid skin damage and premature aging.
  • Age spots: Not wearing sunscreen before putting on makeup can make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage. Sun damage further causes uneven skin tone and age spots. So, the skin specialist in Indiranagar advises wearing sunscreen before applying makeup to avoid damaging the skin. Sunscreen is a shield that protects the skin from damage. It is an umbrella for the skin and protects it from the sun!
  • Skin allergies: Makeup brushes and tools when not cleaned can lead to skin allergies and skin irritation. Using uncleaned makeup brushes can cause bacteria and dirt to get transferred to your skin. So, it is important to keep the makeup brushes and tools clean to avoid skin damage and skin allergy.

So, are your makeup habits harming your skin?

Don’t worry! You can effective treatment for your skin by visiting the most experienced dermatologist in Indiranagar.

One can also avoid skin damage by following some useful tips and by taking some precautions while applying makeup.

What precautions can one take to avoid skin from getting damaged by makeup?

For different skin types, different precautions need to be taken when applying makeup.

For oily skin, the precautions that need to be taken are as follows-

• Use water or gel-based cleansers for moderate cleansing.

• Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week.

• After cleansing, use toner to close pores and prepare the skin for moisturizer. It’s best to use a mild gel or water-based moisturizer.

• Choose a foundation that is suitable for oily skin. To mattify your foundation, use loose powder or pressed matte powder on top.

• Instead of a cream blush, use matte blush.

• To avoid any type of skin outbreak, use an oil-free makeup remover.

Do you have oily skin?

Then the best skin specialist in Indiranagar advises following the above tips when applying makeup.

For normal to dry skin, the precautions that need to be taken when applying makeup are as follows-

• Use hydrating products to prepare the skin

• Cleanse, tone, and moisturize the skin before applying makeup

 Rubbing ice on the face can assist enhance blood circulation and make the skin appear more vibrant.

• Choose a foundation that suits your skin type, from normal to dry. This may improve the skin’s brightness.

• To set the foundation, use a little powder.

• Use an eye cream below the concealer to prevent creases beneath the eyes.

• To counteract dryness, use a cream blush. To avoid patchiness, remember to put the cream over the cream product.


What do you do to look beautiful?

Applying makeup would be the answer of many!

But the makeup that we believe enhances our beauty actually ruins our beauty by causing skin damage!

Applying makeup regularly WITHOUT TAKING PRECAUTIONS can be harmful to our skin!

Yes, without taking precautions!

One can avoid damage to the skin by taking the necessary precautions mentioned in the article while applying makeup.

By following the precautions, one can not only have beautiful pictures of themselves clicked but also retain their beautiful skin!

One can now wear makeup and get beautiful pictures of themselves clicked without damaging the skin!

So, now is the time to put on makeup without worrying about your skin and click beautiful pictures of yourself!

But what if the skin has already been damaged by makeup?

Don’t worry! You can get effective solutions for your skin problems by visiting the top skin specialist in Indiranagar.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your appointment now!

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