Acanthosis Nigricans – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment in Bangalore

Acanthosis Nigricans

This article talks about acanthosis nigricans

Such a complex name! Have you heard of it or have any idea about it?


Have you noticed certain parts of the skin that are thicker and darker than the other parts? That is nothing but acanthosis nigricans!

So, now, again the same question, do you have any idea or knowledge about this condition?

Yes! Though the name is unfamiliar, the condition is very familiar to all of us, right?

Though the name of the condition is unknown, we are known to the condition!

So, this article talks more about this skin condition called acanthosis nigricans and discusses its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Acanthosis nigricans makes the skin appear thicker and darker. This condition is common in areas such as the armpits and neck.

What are the symptoms of acanthosis nigricans?

The common symptoms of acanthosis nigricans are as follows-

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  • Certain parts of the skin turn darker(hyperpigmentation)
  • Certain parts of the skin get thicker(hyperkeratosis)
  • Skin becomes dry
  • Skin becomes rough
  • Itchy skin
  • An unusual odor

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms?

Then it is advisable to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for acanthosis nigricans done from the top skin clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

What are the causes of acanthosis nigricans?

The common causes of acanthosis nigricans are as follows-

  • Insulin resistance: Insulin resistance is when the body is unable to use insulin well. It is a common cause of acanthosis nigricans as well as diabetes.
  • Changes in hormones: Hormonal disorders such as PCOS and Addison’s disease are common causes of acanthosis nigricans. Those suffering from these hormonal disorders are more prone to suffer from acanthosis nigricans.
  • Genes: Genes or genetic factors also lead to this skin condition. Those having a family history of acanthosis nigricans, are also likely to develop this skin condition.
  • Medications: Taking medicines such as corticosteroids or taking birth control pills can also lead to acanthosis nigricans.
  • Cancer: Though not common, but acanthosis nigricans can develop in those suffering from certain types of cancers such as stomach cancer.
  • Obesity: Obese people are more resistant to insulin. Thus, they have higher chances of developing acanthosis nigricans and suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes.

But there is no problem without a solution! Acanthosis nigricans can be treated by visiting an experienced and famous dermatologist in Bangalore for treatment. There are other treatment options also.

What are the other treatment options available in Bangalore to treat acanthosis nigricans?

Once you are aware of the cause, finding the solution becomes easy. As the solution mostly depends on the cause of the problem.

So, by finding out the cause one can find out the solution! Most problems can be treated by treating the cause of the problems. The same applies to acanthosis nigricans. The problem of acanthosis nigricans can be treated by treating the cause of acanthosis nigricans.

So, how can one treat the cause of the problem?

If the cause of acanthosis nigricans is excessive weight, then you can reduce weight by following proper diet and exercise.

If hormonal imbalance is the cause of acanthosis nigricans, then you can balance your hormones by taking certain medicines, and by making certain lifestyle changes.

If diabetes is the cause of acanthosis nigricans, then you can treat acanthosis nigricans by managing diabetes. Diabetes can be managed by taking certain medications, and by making some lifestyle changes.

Keeping a check on your diet can also help keep diabetes in control. Once your diabetes is in control and your insulin levels are stable, then the problem of acanthosis nigricans automatically gets resolved.

If certain medicines are causing acanthosis in nigricans, then it is advisable to stop and discontinue taking such medicines and request your doctor in Bangalore for alternative medicine.

If the cause of acanthosis nigricans is cancer, then treating cancer by using treatments such as chemotherapy can help treat this skin condition.

One can also get effective treatment for acanthosis nigricans at the best skin treatment centre in Bangalore.


Are you having darker and thicker skin?

Then it is likely that you are suffering from a skin condition known as acanthosis nigricans!

Don’t worry! Though the name of the problem is complex, the solution is simple!

All you need to do is visit the best skin clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore! It provides the best skincare treatments for all skin-related problems!

So, what are you waiting for?

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