How long does laser hair removal last? Is it permanent?

laser hair removal

If you are tired of regular shaving, waxing laser hair removal can work in the best way for you. It can give the freedom from all your unwanted hair permanently.

Think about hustle free life when there will be no need for regular parlour visits the about the money you will save by this. People of Bangalore are looking for premium quality hair removal treatment near them.

If you are also looking for the best laser hair removal treatment then visit Dr Swetha’s Cosmoderm Centre, one of the best skin clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

But there is a doubt in their mind whether laser hair removal is a permanent solution or not. Here we are discussing everything you need to know about laser hair removal to understand the whole treatment and its benefits. Continue to read the article till the end.

Let us find out how laser hair removal treatment works:

While performing a laser hair removal treatment, we use a concentrated light beam to remove your unwanted hair. The concentrated light beam damages the hair follicles in the selected portion of your skin. It destroys the root of the hair without hampering the surrounding skin.

Your underarms, upper lips, chin, hand, and leg are the most common parts of your body where you can use the laser hair removal treatment. However, you can opt for full body hair removal as well.

We at Cosmoderm Centre examine your hair’s features thoroughly and design the customized treatment plan according to your requirements. At first, we test the treatment on a tiny part of your skin to understand if it is suitable for you or not.

Then we go for our treatment. We apply the customized laser beam to the selected part of your body. It may require a few repeat sessions as your requirement and skin and hair condition to complete the treatment.

So, what you can experience during your treatment?

There can be a fear in your mind regarding the pain associated with laser hair removal. However, you will experience nothing but the tiny sound of the laser. We use modern laser technology as per the medical guidelines.

So, there is no chance of any pain or side effects. Within a few sessions, you will see a noticeable change in your hair growth. If you have thicker hair, then we will recommend a few more sessions than the average requirement. You will experience smooth skin along with the gradual reduction of hair.

In comparison to shaving and parlour treatment, our laser hair removal gives you better results. You will not experience any skin burning from waxing or any cut due to shaving in case of laser hair removal. There will be no ingrown hair, as well. Along with these, laser treatment helps you to get rid of skin pigmentations.

The melanin present in your hair absorbs the concentrated heat beam. Hence, these hairs fall out without harming the surrounding skin. Along with this, we use a numbing cream to desensitize your treatment area.

So, is laser hair removal a permanent solution?

Yes, laser hair removal is the most effective and permanent solution. Once the laser beam destroys your hair follicles, no hair can grow from that follicle.

If there is any possibility of hair regrowth after a complete laser hair removal treatment, the hair will be fragile and thin. In such situations, we will advise you of additional maintenance sessions.

Even hormonal abnormality also can cause the regrowth of hair. The follow-up treatment can solve this issue, as well.

Facts that can influence laser hair removal:

There are a few facts that can influence the permanent effect of laser hair removal. These are as follows-

  • Skin and hair color: Laser treatment work by targeting the melanin present in your skin and hair. Hence, it works very well with darker skin shades and darker hair colors. However, it is not so effective in treating lighter skin shades and lighter hair colors.
  • Experience: The skill and expertise of the technician is another influential factor of laser hair removal.
  • Your body type: The type of your body mainly, the features related to your hormone secretion is another crucial factor. In all these situations, we will customize your treatment plan according to your requirements.

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