How long does your laser hair removal last?


You might be an individual who loves making plans on the spot, a sudden trip to somewhere near flaunting with your beautiful dress. It seems like an extraordinary life where you are living the fullest.

But your body hair may create problems for you. So, waxing, shaving is compulsory for you. In comparison, you can get freedom from all these and keep you ready all the time.

If you live in Bangalore, you have a fantastic solution, Dr. Swetha’s Cosmoderm centre. Here you will get everything under one roof.

Let us find out how?

Laser hair removal is when we apply the concentrated laser beam to remove the unwanted hair follicles from your body. The full light beam destroys the follicles of your unwanted hair.

It is a safe procedure for all types of skin. Some regular body parts individuals like to have the treatment on are: armpits, upper lip, jawline, hands, and legs. Likewise, you can have a complete laser hair removal for your full body.

When you choose to get a laser hair removal treatment, have a proper consultation, you’re your dermatologist, and complete this method under experienced supervision.

Our dermatologists evaluate your hair development and prescribe a customized plan for you. Our certified laser therapists will perform the technique only after understanding your hair growth cycle and skin type.

Here, we prefer to provide personalized treatment by testing the method in a tiny part of your skin.

The experience of laser hair evacuation 

Numerous individuals are not so sure about the long-lasting effect of laser hair treatment. The moment they listen to laser, they wonder how painful it is.

However, with the advancement of modern technology, the method is painless. You will see 90% less hair growth after 6 to 8 sessions.

For people with thicker hair, our dermatologist may suggest a few more sessions than average. A laser hair removal treatment decreases your hair gradually and provides you with smoother skin.

Whereas the conventional method of hair removal requires your regular visit to the parlour. They provide short-term solutions. The methods can give you skin burning from hot wax and razor cuts.

In contrast, laser treatment will not harm you by skin burning or ingrown hair. It even protects your skin from pigmentation.

The area like your upper lips and other delicate smaller parts take significantly less time. However, in the areas where the hair is dense, it will take more time.

If your skin is sensitive, we may use an anesthetic cream to ease the pain.

Now the question comes, Is laser hair removal permanent? 

It can give you a permanent solution to your unwanted hair if done with an experienced hand. Your damaged hair follicles will never grow hair again.

If there is any regrowth of hair, then it will be fragile, thin, and discolored. In this situation, you may require other maintenance sessions. Thus, you will get a permanent solution.

Sometimes the hair may regrow due to your hormonal imbalance in a few of your body parts. In these cases, we will advise you to avail of follow-up sessions.

Now, let us understand what the things that influence a laser hair removal treatment are? 

There are a few factors that impact the life span of the hair expulsion strategy:

  • The expertise of the professional.
  • Your hair types.
  • Your hair follicle strength.
  • Hormonal imbalance in your body

So, are you making a correct decision by opting for a laser hair removal treatment? 

Laser hair expulsion is very normal these days. Many people are opting for the treatment for their full-body hair removal. With modern technology, an individual requires a smaller number of sessions to get rid of body hairs.

It is a more painless and pocket-friendly treatment procedure in comparison to regular waxing.

But remember that people with lighter skin tone may find it challenging to get rid of their unwanted hair. Because laser hair removal works with melanin present in your hair.

If your body hair does not have inadequate melanin quantity, you may need more sessions.

So, if you want to avail of the treatment, then contact us.

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