Skin Polishing: What you should know?


Do you have skin debris or skin “plaque”? Skin debris consists of lipids, sweat, and so on. Skin Polishing is a procedure that can remove skin debris and has a lot of other benefits. Do you want to get a skin polishing procedure? Visit the best skin clinic in Indiranagar for getting your skin polishing procedure.

How does it work?

All resurfacing procedures function similarly. Your injured skin’s outer layers get removed first. Your skin becomes tighter, smoother, and younger-looking as new cells grow during the healing process. It also tightens your skin’s deeper layers, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and drooping.

Why should you get skin polishing?

Accidents or previous surgery that had brought scars on your facial skin, these procedures can restore your facial skin and smooth out subtle facial wrinkles around your mouth. They are also used to eliminate keratoses, which are precancerous growths.

They are widely used to treat chickenpox and scars pimples(acne). These procedures can improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem, but neither can entirely eradicate your scars or prevent further ageing.

What are its types?

Dermabrasion, lasers, dermaplaning, and radiosurgery are the most common skin resurfacing procedures.

In dermabrasion, the surgeon uses a burr or a rough wire brush containing diamond particles linked to a motorized handle to scrape away the top layer of your skin. The scraping continues until the surgeon reaches the safest level, which reduces the visibility of your scar or wrinkle.

The surgeon utilizes hand-held equipment called a dermatome during dermaplaning. The dermatome contains an oscillating blade that goes back and forth, similar to an electric razor, to equally “skim” off your skin’s surface layers surrounding the craters or other facial flaws.

This skimming continues until the acne scar’s lowest point blends together with your surrounding skin. Dermaplaning and Dermabrasion use a controlled surgical scraping technique to “refinish” your skin’s top layers. The treatments make the skin look smoother by softening the harsh edges of surface imperfections.

The surgeon uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser to remove portions of damaged or wrinkled skin layer by layer in laser resurfacing, often known as “laser peel.”

Radiosurgery, which uses radio waves, is the most recent technology to emerge. They are not the same as the radiation used in cancer treatment. These waves are similar to those used to carry radio signals, but they have a higher frequency and are more focused. They are entirely safe, mainly when used near sensitive organs such as the eyes.

What are the advantages of skin polishing?

The skin polishing treatment gently exfoliates the skin and resurfaces it, giving it a more youthful appearance. Thus, below are the following benefits:

  • Dark spots and reduces other irregularities in the skin’s texture.
  • Wrinkles, fine lines, and other symptoms of aging are polished and diminished.
  • Reduces the size of big pores
  • Removes congested pores by exfoliating and extracting them.
  • Acne and burn scars are polished and smooth with this product.

What Are The Possible Consequences?

This treatment has no significant adverse effects. You may notice minor redness, itching, and a tiny amount of swelling that lasts 2-7 days in rare circumstances. Additionally, a light peeling of the skin may occur after the operation and remain for around five days.


When you decide about your skin-resurfacing procedure, it’s also vital for you to think about how long it will take you to recuperate. In general, the more intense the resurfacing operation, the more time it will take for you to recover.

Shorter recovery durations are available with “light” resurfacing techniques such as superficial laser resurfacing or superficial chemical peels. However, to attain outcomes equivalent to those obtained with more forceful approaches, these gentler operations may need to be performed several times.

Your surgeon can treat small sections of skin or your entire face. They can be utilized independently or combined with other treatments such as Blepharoplasty, facelift, scar revision, nose surgery, and chemical peel.

So, Book an appointment with the best dermatologist in Indiranagar, Bangalore, and get the most effective skin polishing procedure.

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