Freckle Control & Treatment in Indiranagar, Bangalore

  • Do you have small dark spots on your face or neck?
  • Is it ruining your face and beauty?

If yes, you might be having freckles. Freckles though harmless can ruin your physical appearance. They are small yet easily noticeable.

What is the first thing you noticed in the above picture?

Though the major portion is white, the first thing that you noticed is the small dark spot.

The same goes with freckles too. Though you have a clean face and white complexion, these small spots can be easily spotted and can ruin your appearance.

So, it is essential to treat freckles if you wish to retain your beauty and appearance. To treat your freckles, visit the best dermatologist in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

This article discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment options available in Indiranagar, Bangalore to treat the problem of freckles.

First, let us understand the causes of freckles.

What are the causes of freckles?

The following are some of the causes of freckles-

  • Family History: If your family members and ancestors have freckles then it is likely that you too will have it. Sometimes, freckles are sufficient to prove that you are a child of your parents. There is no need for a birth certificate. Yes, the size and pattern of your freckles are mostly identical to your parents and other family members.
  • Exposure to sun: Exposure to the sun can cause freckles. The sun’s UV rays cause melanin production in the skin. Increased melanin in one area leads to freckles.
  • Skin Cancer: People having skin cancer are more prone to develop freckles.
  • Irregular hormones: When there is an imbalance in hormones such as estrogen, freckles are formed.
  • Fair complexion: Freckles are seen mostly in people with light and fair complexion due to the lack of melanin in the skin. And as their skin is fairer, these dark spots get easily noticeable thus ruining their physical appearance and beauty. When their skin gets in contact with the sun, the production of melanin increases which leads to the formation of freckles.

It is advisable to get your freckles treated at the best skin clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

What are the symptoms of freckles?

Freckles cause a change in the color of the skin. Dark spots and scars are seen on the areas that come in direct contact with the sun.

If you notice any dark spots or changes in the color of your skin, then it is advisable to seek help from a skin specialist in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Before we come to the treatment options used to treat freckles, first let us discuss who are suitable candidates for a freckle treatment.

Who are the right candidates for undergoing freckle treatment?

The following candidates are suitable for a freckle treatment.

  • Anyone having sunspots or freckles
  • People having freckles that are darker than their skin color.
  • Freckle treatment is a better treatment option for people having a fair complexion.

Do you have freckles and fall in the above category?

If yes, then immediately get your freckles treated at the best skin clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

But what are the treatment options available in Indiranagar, Bangalore to treat the problem of freckles?

The following treatment options are used to remove and treat freckles-

laser treatment

1. Laser treatment:

Laser treatment is an effective solution used to treat the problem of freckles. Different types of lasers are used. Some of them are as follows-

  • Fraxel treatment– In this procedure, laser beams are used to target a small area of the skin and. These laser beams help to vanish the freckles and enhance one’s beauty.
  • IPL treatment: IPL? This IPL doesn’t stand for the famous Indian Premier League. It stands for Intense Pulse Light treatment. But just like IPL (Indian premier league) is a solution to boredom during vacations, this IPL treatment is a solution to treat freckles. In this procedure, the light of different wavelengths is used to go deeper into the skin and disappear freckles.
  • Ablative Lasers: These lasers treat freckles by taking out the top layers of the skin. These lasers are useful in controlling freckles.

2. Chemical peels:

Chemical peels contain chemicals like glycolic acid that help remove freckles. After this treatment, it is necessary to follow the instructions given by your dermatologist in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

3. Radio Cautery:

In this procedure, radio waves are released through the skin. They are resisted by the skin tissues. This causes heat to build up and there’s the pressure felt in the tissue. This pressure breaks down the cell walls and helps remove the freckles.

4. Topical Treatment:

 Freckles can be treated with the help of bleaching cream and lotions. Hydroquinone is present in bleaching creams which helps in reducing freckles. Certain lotions contain a high amount of vitamin A which is useful in treating and preventing freckles.

After the treatment, it is advisable to follow the instructions given by your skin specialist in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Your skin specialist will ask you to use a sun protection cream to protect your skin and will give you an ointment to apply on your skin.


  • Are you having freckles?
  • Is it ruining your beauty and appearance?

Don’t worry! Book an appointment with the best dermatologist in Indiranagar, Bangalore, and get rid of freckles.

Now, it’s time to say hi to beauty and goodbye to freckles! Now it’s time to get your beautiful skin as well as your beautiful grin back!

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